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“Mr. Brown Rex” dinosaur poster print

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What is it?

Oh just the dinosaur poster we hope will make you do a little happy dance! Why?…

Well…you probably have a T-rex obsessed child (and of course the scariest, meanest looking dinos are always their favourites) but everything you find is either a super realistic looking t-rex with 10,000 terrifying teeth – or a super cute ‘lil baby dino that no self respecting dino fan above 2 years old would ever allow into their bedroom – so what’s a mum to do? Well this mum decided enough was enough – and got to work creating not one but TWO t-rex posters that had all the things she wanted but couldn’t find…

  • A t-rex that’s not too cute but not too scary!
  • In a convenient ‘vertical’ orientation
  • A range of sizes including a nice big 50 x 70 cm feature art size.
  • Designed to be easily framed in common ready-made frames
  • Printed in Australia, on high quality 100% recycled paper using non toxic inks
  • Two colour options since everyone needs their favourite things to come in multiple colours don’t they?!
This is the important stuff! =)

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